Never Enough


As salam . 4.56 pm 30august2014 saturday

First day here at Unikl as new student, not too excited but most scared think about how the study. Hmmm , I got 3 roomates thats mean 4 people in a room including me. Dont really know how they are, just meet. Hopefully this will be a good start for me to be the best in Duniawi and the main Akhirat later. Amin ~

Test test

17 may 2014 

Holla ~
Long time not write here , currently buzy .
Theres a lot of changes I made in my life . I’ve stop my study . Just wanna use my faundation and the end of august this year will continue degree as well . Hmm ….

This year , theres a lot of tears drop out . Nobody know the exactly reason why I do that almost stupid things . The real reason . I’m a type of person who really dont get along very well with others . Mostly to strangers . Eventhough you have known me almost a lot of years , but you still dont know me . The real me . Because my true best friend is my heart . #monologdalaman

My heart know everything about me . What exactly I like and dont .

Im doing partime job in an office . Hmmm , quiet good , not bad . Mostly chinese there , evenhough we different but there soo noce to me . Because im still newbie , yeah got a lot of question everyday , ” amoi , morning yaa . Amacam kerja kat sini . Okay tak ? ” . ” aiyooo amoi , ini ada cupcake tart , ambil laa satu . Kita sharing . ” . Such nice people . Im still shy , sorry ~

Hopefully everything will be fine . ^_^ .

Dec 3

I cry
I cry
And i cry again

Nobody know it hurt me .

Suddenly i give up . It really hurt .

You are the most guy that make my heart really broken .

I hate you , but in the same time it still have a feel to you . Love .

Arghhhhhh . I hate you .
Why you make me like this .

Why you approach me when you know you dont want me being with you!

I really hurt . Hurt and hurt .

Never come into someone life when you dont want share your part of life to that person .

It killing me inside !

Nov 5

My heart ♡♥♡♥

Actually , theres a guy that i always saw , and he my senior .
First of all i dont put my heart into him because hmmmm . Yess , he hot . 
Since his friends talk to me if i want him, he will try to make both me and him be hmmmmhmmmmm . Haha
First i dont believe what he say , but suddenly his friends make move ask to out. Hahaaa . Me ? -> ♡_♡

Right now i try neutral my heart back . Dont put your effort to much. If not , you will hurt by your self . Thats what i said to my self .

DTA dont trust anybody !


LYS loVe your self !

My motto in life . Whole my life !

Enjoy your life

Nov 5

A great moment !

Hey dude ! Know what ? About 2 days ago , i got going to stadium shah alam . Watch football live ! First time in my life .

See a lot of fans from kelantan vs pahang . Its a memorable moment , eventhough klate didnt win this match but , its okay .
See their singing , and ? Suddenly rain? ! Ohhhh .
Hahaa . But i already bought a rain coat .

Hmmm , i dont know what to say more . And salam maal hijrah !
Hope this new year. Will be moree great and i want somebody ! Uiiitttt
Its okay . Insyaallah . Aminn


Today feeling not well . Its too cold here !
About 2 week from this moment will be held final exam . Really hope could pass all paper , all subject . If not ? Hmmm i will be stress whole my time be here !

I gotta finish my speech task 2 . ×_× . What am i going to do ?
Arghhh . Again and again . Money make trouble with me . Ohhh . =_= .
Why ! Why ! I reallu sick with money this moment .

Im glad my mother and father will transfer some money for me when i really need it .

Now , people ohhh people . Mouth ? Mouth ?
Actually mouth could kill people . Death ×_×” . Hollll

Dont just look brilliant when it time to talk , but stupid when action .
Put your target upper to the moon , but you lazy to dig out your self from dirty place . !

Bubye ! Muahhahaha

Nice car !

A photo could hide a bounce of story !

Me ? .^_^ .

today , sunday . Still in holiday .
Pishangg being here . Nothing to do . ×_× .
Bored ! Ohhh .

Hei dear wanna know something .
Bomba camping will be held in last this semestar . Yahoo . Hehee ^^ #happy
Year2013 will going away . And 2014 will say hello to us . -_-” .

I always heard my friends say “that person like you , he want your number” , ” that person say salam to you”   ME -> -_-”
actually i dont believe if i dont heard from my own ears . Like #khabarangin

I will really respect that person if he really want me , do all his best to get me . #sweet . ^_^ .
But unfortunately my heart just accept friends only than sweet heart for this moment . T.T . #sad

People attitude it based on how you be with them . #hungry +_+

Bubye .

Already done read this book . I suggest you to read this also . ^_^ .

Already done read this book . I suggest you to read this also . ^_^ .

Im afraid to get close to men . I dont want they fall in love with me . I just wanna them be a great and closed friend to me .

Because i already have someone that i wait to open my heart ♡♥♡♥

Sometimes he be pain to me , but i always feel want keep him .
Eventhough i dont know where he is today , what he was doing .
He always be my inspiration to use LOVE in a good way , to improve my study , to change my bug face to cinderella .

Thats what i called ’ the power of love ’ ^_^

I love the way he are

Today , they go out . Want go ? Just go but dont say something from your bad mouth about me okay

I really stress this week .

I feel that im not perfect like others . All thing i lack .

Feel like im alone here , nobody know about me .
Their just acting close to me , but the reality is .    ? Hmmmm

Yes , family first . I regret what i say to my mom in past .

Dont worry bella . Just focus on study and after finish , just ignore them

Dont take what they say to you .

I love you bella , my self

People say . Life is getting better from day to day . But when my life want getting better like others ? WHEN ?

Im so sad !